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    Congratulations! you have been hand-picked by us because of your talents on-camera.  We see lots of growth in your future, and we want to help you get there faster.  Qwikby is an Amazon Afilliate, we make commission on sales of the product listed on this website, but we are also a platform where YouTubers can grow their subscriber base and views, and we think you would make a great partner.
    This offer is made exclusively to individuals we chose to be a good fit, there are no links to this page from our website.  Read below on what this partnership offer entails.
    What you get with a Qwikby partnership:
    • 50% share of all commission made from sales of the product you are promoting (purchases on Amazon.com)
    • Shout out on the following social media platforms:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and a temporary spot on our homepage to your YouTube channel   
    What we require for the partnership:
    • Rights to link to, and show your video on our website
    • Two links on your YouTube video description, one leading to the product page on Qwikby.com where we will feature your video, the other to our Homepage
    • Like and Share our Facebook page.


      That's it! within a few minutes you could be generating extra money.  You will also have first dibs on any new products you promote, against any potential new partners (same partnership rules apply for new videos you make, except for the social media shout-outs). 
      Qwikby is a new business but we are growing fast, once products are taken by other YouTube partners, it will be very difficult for them to be available again, who wants to give up free cash flow?!


      Send me a reply accepting this amazing offer and let's grow together!
      - James G.
      Frequently Asked Questions:
      How will I get paid and how often?
      We will pay you through PayPal, once a month.  You will get an email with an Amazon Affiliate report describing exactly how much of the product was sold, and on which days it was sold.  Amazon pays its affiliates with a 60 day lag, ie:  At the beginning of August you will receive money from the month of May.  We will follow the same time protocol when paying you.
      Will I be able to promote any new product on my YouTube channel with your partnership connected to it?
      We certainly hope that you continue to make videos for years to come, and you will definitely get first pick at any new product that comes out.  The only stipulation is that:
      1) it must be an electronic device, in-line with our product categories (creating new categories on the site is an on-going process)
      2) there might another Qwikby partner who makes the request at the same time, under that scenario the choice is on us (only one partner per product).
      How long will this partnership last? are there time commitments? 
      There are zero commitments.  The partnership can be ended by either of us, at any time, for any reason.  You are also not under obligation to put links on any other video you own.  We want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship and if you feel you are not getting what you expected, feel free to reach out to us and let us know you are no longer interested.  No big deal!
      Will you buy me product so I can review it for your website etc?
      Right now we are not in a position to able to buy products, but we have plans to do that in the future.
      How much money will I make?
      This depends on a few variables:  
      1) how popular the product is  
      2) how effective your video is (salesmanship!)
      3) how many views your video gets
      Let's say you are promoting a $100 gadget, someone clicks through and purchases it on Amazon, at 7% commission the revenue will be $7, your share will be $3.50.
      The quantity of products you promote with us and the number of views you get on your videos will mostly determine how much you make.  Read this YouTube guide on making your video more accessible to people searching for your product.
      Why do I need you? can't I just use my own Amazon links?
      The Amazon Affiliate program requires you to be a business owner and to run your own active website that promotes Amazon.com  We are offering you a way to skip those complicated steps.  With Qwikby you also get the advantage of receiving a targeted audience directed to your channel from our website, who are already interested in the type of products you are promoting.  Think of us as a platform for growing your channel with like-minded viewers and other YouTubers, as well as an easy way to make money.
      How many other YouTubers have signed up for the Qwikby partnership?
      This partnership program is brand new, we started this program in May 2017 and spots are starting to fill up.